The Skopje Chamber of Crafts is an independent, non-profit professional business association of craftsmen, which advocates the creation of favorable conditions and climate for the development and promotion of crafts, improving the quality of products and services by improving human resources, training, presentations, vocational training and improving vocational education.
Its members are craftsmen who perform crafts in the area of the city of Skopje.
The Chamber of crafts Skopje has public authority to keep a register of trades and performs registrations, changes, and termination of trades. The Chamber has a Centre for Adult Education that provides adult training through on-the-job training, according to programs approved by the ministry responsible for education.
The Chamber of crafts Skopje represents the interests of craftsmen before the competent institutions, makes proposals for improving legislation, lobbies for favorable conditions and climate for the development of crafts, and works to improve the quality and image of vocational education and training.