Brief information about partners: Croatian Chamber of Crafts (HOK), Croatia
The Croatian Chamber of Crafts (HOK) is a national intermediary organization of craftsmen that represents the interests and promotes the work of its members (over 100,000 crafts) at all levels, from local and regional to national. HOK has public powers in the field of regular vocational education in connection with the licensing of trades and companies that wish to take on apprentices for apprenticeships and the implementation of apprenticeship exams, and in the field of adult education in connection with the implementation of master’s examinations and vocational competences exams. The Chamber promotes crafts and their activities on a daily basis, represents the interests of craftsmen before national institutions, gives opinions and proposes changes to legal provisions in the field of trades and trades, provides advisory services, promotes education for crafts and actively works to raise awareness of the importance of craft education as well as the importance and significance of master’s exams. Also, HOK has many years of experience in the preparation and implementation of projects financed by the European Union, especially in the field of vocational education and adult education.